Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's been over a year... that is pathetic :(
I really don't get too much time to go on my computer, it's my own fault.  I bog myself down with piles of "to-dos"  and not as many "ta-dones" 
I have a great many items that did get finished, for any of your who are Ravelry members, my name there is Kaylamew  - there you will find my current up to date crochet finished projects. 

If you are interested I'm on etsy as well, and you can find my current for sale items, sewn and crochet.  http://www.etsy.com/shop/KaylaMew?ref=ss_profile

I will be trying to finish up some SCA garb for the upcoming events I'll be traveling too, and hopefully pulling some cosplay outfits out as well. 

I'm slated to help my friends make some halloween costumes, and another friend a dress to wear to an event.  I'm over booked again! ^_^

Lets see what I have hiding around here,
This "British" inspired purse was done in time for the London 2012 Olympics.  It's a cross stitch guard with a felt frame embroidered on a linen purse. I even had time for a zipper!

OOH this was a fun thing! My friend who lives in NYC got to snap a few pictures of the "Doctor" from Doctor Who while they were shooting in Central Park for the upcoming season.  Although Matt is not my favorite doctor, Doctor Who is inspiring me to make some new cosplay costumes.

My adorable octopus amigurumi who must be wearing a top hat, mustache, and monocle. I made this for my youngest sister, who had a thing for mustaches.

This hat was going to be the beginning of my "Follow a Blog"  I wanted to create every item that was published in one magazine and show of my work.  As soon as I started this hat, my friend loved it, and once completed, I made her matching fingerless gloves. 
And lastly for today, my finished Waffle cowl.  This was an "EXPENSIVE" project.  The yarn was Cascade Chunky yarn.  It was so soft and fun that I didn't realize how much yarn I needed to complete this. You could easily complete this in a day, if you have enough yarn :p  This project was put up on Etsy, but if it doesn't sell soon, I might just keep it.  It is so lovely!

OK that is a wrap for today, perhaps I'll behave and update again before the year is out ....who knows...