Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just a quick update

Current news on my projects:
   Top hats have been started - prototype 00 is a smallish purple velvet mini hat - I added ribbon, feathers and doodads on to it for a little flair.   The next hat will be made NOT out of velvet.  I find that the smaller the hat the harder the velvet wants to work at unraveling!   I need to finish sizing and creating the correct hat in time for my tea party birthday! 
After I complete these hats (because I know I'll keep messing up and having to make better ones) I have to finish a few Renn Faire outfits for my sister and her boyfriend.   These should be easy enough.... except Maggie (my sister) has insisted that she wants to be a fairy and chose a Vogue pattern for her bodice.  *Sigh* not my favorite patterns to work off of, but I'll do my best.

Now after this it is straight on crochet!  I have birthdays and holidays to prepare for!  I have a few new projects that I believe I will have to make my own pattern for, so look forward to seeing them on line.  (after I present them that is... no wanting to spoil the surprise in case any of the friends are actually reading my blog ^_^ ) 

I have been collecting many yarns in preparation for the time for presents and have found so many local yarn shops that are just simply AMAZING! 

These 2 sites are very fun.  I bought some yarn from each store.

            - I bought indigodragonfly yarn  mostly because for the Joss Whedon theme.  I bought 1 skein of Wash "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal".   http://www.fabulousyarn.com/indigodragonfly-mcs-angst.shtml (well they no longer have Wash :( )


You can find more of indigodragonfly yarn on ravelry (http://www.ravelry.com/people/indigodragonfly)

Then I also love - Hudson Valley Sheep & Wool Co. A real farm! full of nice people and fun sheep! 
I picked up one small skein for a quick project made directly from the farm itself! Grown, sheered, spun and dyed! 
just an example!

Woah this became a huge post.  I really can't wait till I have my own finished projects shown here! 

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