Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sudden Crafting Urge....

             Day off and crampy day to boot.... started off today slow with watching some DVDs.

               Started with the 1989 Classic: Little Nemo.  Love this movie, so cute and it is about Slumberland.  Nothing better than trippy dreams :)  I love this movie because I named one of my sugar gliders after the flying squirrel: Icarus

This is Icarus: 

And Icarus as a Pimp with this cute hat.  Now I am making a felt pair of goggles to plop on his head as well so we can look like his namesake.

After that I watched the 92' special: The Cutting Edge - starring D.B. Sweeney and Moira Kelly.
Very funny, super 90's movie :) "Toe Pick!"

After this I started back on my Castle Season 4 catch up.  While watching I was flipping through my pile of crochet magazines and came across this adorable thing!
Now it's time to pop out some of these cuties. I'm thinking different colors? How adorable!

Update to follow!

Also lets see if I can try out some of these excersizes to get me into shape for my next(?) cosplay!

How fun!

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  1. Little Nemo is a classic family movie favorite, and naming your sugar glider after his flying squirrel Icarus is adorable! I hope your Icarus is as active and playful as Nemo's, because that would honestly be awesome. Haha! Thanks for sharing, and have a nice day!

    Sherri Briggs @ The Pet Glider